[Free] Coin Half-Moon Pouch DIY full size print PDF file

[Free] Coin Half-Moon Pouch DIY full size print PDF file

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Here is a detailed guide for crafting your adorable crescent moon-shaped pouch by hand.

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Finished Size:

Bottom: 6cm x 11cm
Height: 10cm
Width: 15cm
Materials Needed:

Cotton or canvas fabric (choose your preferred color and pattern)
Polyester stuffing or cotton lining fabric (for a softer feel)
Zipper (15cm length or longer)
Needle, thread, scissors
Pen or marker

Prepare the Pattern:

Download the PDF file and print it on A4 size paper.
Cut the printed pattern according to the dimensions of the bottom, height, and width.
Cut Fabric:

Use the pattern to cut the outer and inner fabric. Choose the fabric for the outer and inner sides of the pouch.
Add Padding:

Add polyester stuffing to the outer fabric for a softer feel. Alternatively, use cotton lining fabric to finish the inside.
Attach Zipper:

Attach the zipper to the fabric. Align the zipper with the crescent shape and secure it in place.

Place the outer fabric and inner fabric together, right sides facing each other. Sew around the zipper, ensuring a secure stitch. Pay attention to detail, using your hands to guide the fabric as you sew.
Finishing Touches:

Flip the completed pouch inside out and finish the edges as needed.
With these steps, you'll have your very own charming crescent moon pouch. Please be aware that due to the nature of the product, exchanges and refunds are not possible after downloading the PDF. Make your purchase thoughtfully. Enjoy your crafting journey!

Additional Note:
For a visual guide, you can also check our YouTube channel for a tutorial on how to create this charming crescent moon pouch. Happy crafting!

Instagram :https://www.instagram.com/happydandong

Full Length Video : SewingTip YouTube


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